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The African people have an original, vast and rich cultural heritage that has been the mainstay of their spiritual, moral life and development as well as source of their respective unique genius, as well as the broad African creative spirit that underlies all of them.

The African musical heritage in particular has been the most dynamic since ancient times.
Over the course of its development it has survived in its original form and it has also drawn from many foreign influences. There are, indeed, new genres that have evolved and developed. All this has resulted in the existence of a rich, dynamic and varied musical culture.

ACUMDA is dedicated to making a major contribution to enhance that African cultural element through cultural heritage i.e. music & dance, as well as to enhance the Socio-Economic programmes of our country.
Indigenous Traditional music & dance is the departure point of many of the South African music genres one can find today (e.g. African Jazz, Mbaqanga, African Pop e.t.c.) yet this music remains obscured and almost un-recognisable element.

As ACUMDA, we’d like to contribute towards the positive change and usher in a fresh yet distinctive plan of re-introducing this age-old musical heritage which dates back many centuries ago.

Gcwala Ngamasiko

#We Are Africa

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